OnePlus Bets Big on New Smartwatch With Jaw-Dropping Battery Life

OnePlus Bets Big on New Smartwatch With Jaw-Dropping Battery Life

OnePlus is aiming to make a splash in the smartwatch market with its just-released OnePlus Watch 2. After the mediocre first attempt, this premium second edition packs upgrades like Google’s Wear OS 4 and a headline-grabbing 100 hour battery.

Key Details for Indian Buyers

The OnePlus Watch 2, priced at ?24,999, currently only comes in a 46mm size with Wi-Fi connectivity. Expect potential LTE and smaller models later. For now, OnePlus is touting insane two-week battery endurance to attract buyers.

How They Achieved Such Long Battery Life

OnePlus pulled out all stops engineering this battery beast. It runs two operating systems – a full-featured one for demanding tasks, and a basic one for easy functions. This dual setup prevents overtaxing the processor and saves juice.

There’s also twin chipsets optimizing power usage between an always-on mode and active use. And topping up the large 500mAh cell takes just an hour thanks to OnePlus’s signature fast charging.

Premium Design and Features

Beyond epic battery life, the Watch 2 checks other smartwatch boxes with its crisp, circular 1.43-inch AMOLED touchscreen, GPS tracking, health monitoring, app store access and slick stainless steel design with chunky rotating crown button.

On paper, OnePlus addressed its previous model’s shortcomings while making the vital battery metric an absolute tentpole feature. Now it must prove Wear OS reliability and ensure seamless switching between processing modes.

If the Watch 2 performs as promised, 100+ hours on a charge could propel OnePlus to the top echelon of smartwatches, standing out from Apple and Samsung. This power-packed wearable may be the ultimate multifunction companion for fitness buffs, business pros and anyone who hates constantly plugging in devices.