Nikai electronics, UAE’s homegrown electronics brand, and a trusted name in over 60 countries, recently opened their flagship store that offers a completely redefined retail experience to its shoppers. After bidding farewell to their first retail store in Lamcy Plaza, Nikai takes a new step towards an immersive retail outlet.

Nikai Electronics opens new Flagship Store in Oud Metha

Speared across 2000 sq.ft, the new showroom will take advantage of its strategic location to further enhance its brand awareness in the UAE. Housing the entire Nikai range of consumer appliances comprising of cooking, cleaning, cooling, and home entertainment systems, the spacious new showroom will greatly improve the living convenience of new and existing customers within Dubai and nearby emirates.

“We are happy and emotional at the same time. Lamcy Plaza was our home for over 15 years and now Al Nasar Palace will be associated with Nikai Electronics. The UAE is an important market for us and it has even greater potential for the future. With our new showroom, we’re looking forward to welcoming both our current and new customers in the region to the showroom.” said Paras Shahdadpuri, Chairman, Nikai Group of Companies.

Nikai Electronics opens new Flagship Store in Oud Metha

Driven by strong economic growth and increasing consumer demand, the business group earlier this year also announced its plans to expand their business in Egypt, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Congo, as part of their aggressive expansion strategy.

Today Nikai Electronics boasts a range of over 400 plus products being advocated by over 55 million satisfied customers in over 50 countries.