Netflix to release hot indie game ‘Storyteller’

Upon its arrival on iOS and Android in September, Storyteller will include free downloadable content (DLC) that offers players new stories to weave, expanding the game’s rich tapestry. Simultaneously, the additional content will also be made available for free on the Switch and PC versions.

The collaboration between Storyteller and Netflix presents a logical alliance, particularly considering Netflix’s current focus on indie games. As the streaming giant continues to expand its library of mobile games, accessible to subscribers at no additional cost, it aims to offer nearly 100 titles by the end of the year. Netflix has already introduced notable indie games such as Kentucky Route Zero, Oxenfree, Spiritfarer, Into the Breach, Moonlighter, Laya’s Horizon, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, and Valiant Hearts: Coming Home to iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the company has even acquired renowned indie studios, including Night School Studio, the creators of Oxenfree.