Netflix is introducing a Two Thumbs Up rating system

Netflix is introducing a Two Thumbs Up rating system

Netflix is releasing a new option to assist it in curating your homepage with even more relevant recommendations: A Double Thumbs Up.

The new function will be added to the current Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down controls, which already assist Netflix in determining which content to broadcast to individual users. However, Two Thumbs Up will allow users to signal how much they like anything, and the business reports that this feature has been a popular request within the experience.

Netflix replaced its five-star rating system with a thumbs up/down system in 2017. According to Doig-Cardet, consumers felt that just marking which titles they liked and disliked was insufficient, and the new button should assist members in navigating Netflix’s mammoth catalogue of series and movies by providing a more sophisticated method to rate items.

Netflix presently offers one of the most user-friendly streaming experiences available, and it is continually exploring new features and tools to assist customers in finding content to watch. In 2020, the firm debuted a Top 10 row, followed by a Play Something feature in 2021, and early this year, the option to alter the Continue Watching row on all platforms was extensively pushed out. According to Doig-Cardet, consumers may anticipate further customising tools and capabilities in the near future.

Beginning today, the new Two Thumbs Up button will appear alongside the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons across Netflix’s online, TV, Android, and iOS interfaces.

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