Mysterious Leaker Teases Metroid Prime-Related Announcement

Mysterious Leaker Teases Metroid Prime-Related Announcement

According to a strange but reputable leaker, a Metroid Prime-related revelation might be coming shortly. Claimed “leaks” about Metroid Prime have been going on for years, with reports circulating about not just Metroid Prime 4, but also remasters and remakes of the original Metroid Prime and the Metroid Prime Trilogy. It’s tough to take any Metroid Prime leak seriously, but this one is very fascinating.

Fun Way 6592 Leaker is not well recognised. Their Reddit postings have almost totally gone unnoticed, despite the fact that they have frequently and openly revealed Nintendo information before major events. These disclosures were later shown to be entirely true. One notable example published on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit includes emailing a moderator the message “Zelda lovers will be sobbing Tears of joy tomorrow” in advance of the full title release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. According to all indications, the leaker has real access to Nintendo’s insider knowledge.

Fun Way 6592 seems to be back, sending a message to a moderator of the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit. This time, the message is, “Do you believe everyone is primed and ready?” That concludes the teasing. The letters are not capitalised, but the meaning should be evident. This leaker has knowledge of impending Nintendo initiatives, and they’re indicating that a “Prime”-related announcement is on the way. Fans of Metroid Prime may soon have something to look forward to.

In an effort to get further details or any kind of confirmation, the moderator of GamingLeaksAndRumours contacted the Reddit user. They did mention that the unknown user did not react. They opted to disclose the information anyhow because of the leaker’s previous “unblemished record” of credible Nintendo leaks. However, since there is no official confirmation or verifiable proof of the leak’s veracity, it is advised to be sceptical.

One intriguing part of this leaker’s practice is that they usually only disclose their disclosures when the announcement is imminent. In other words, their leaks are typically released the day before a Nintendo Direct or other official event or announcement. While a Nintendo Direct is traditionally held in February each year, no events have been planned yet, and an announcement over the weekend of New Year’s Day is exceedingly improbable. However, if an announcement is on the way, it might come as soon as tomorrow.

When it comes to Metroid Prime announcements, the anticipated remaster of the original Metroid Prime seems the most plausible. Many credible sources predicted that the Metroid Prime remake for the Nintendo Switch will be released in 2022, but that has clearly not occurred. New Metroid Prime 4 information is also possible, although doubtful considering Nintendo’s current focus on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Instead, maybe there will be a Metroid Prime-related surprise. Only time will tell.