MSI GS60 2PE Ghost Pro Review

MSI GS60 2PE Ghost Pro Review

Oddly enough, the biggest nitpicks I have about the frame is that it is susceptible to bending and if you don’t handle it right you could see the bottom extrude just beyond the audio jack inputs, at times I was careful at closing the screen since the frame around the screen started to protrude, ( I’m later told that this was because of the unit I had in particular) It’s a strong frame that stays but it does however take a fair bit of the screen giving it a smaller display to look at.



Make no mistake, the 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution stands out and the matte finish on the screen means that your games will look gorgeous and is one of the better screens for laptops in the lower price bracket.It isn’t without faults however as I did encounter glare issues but then again it’s very unlikely you’ll be gaming in a daytime scenario outdoors but if it’s a lan session with friends indoors, you’ll find little to fault and you won’t see too much of any distracting reflections you’d expect, it’s gorgeous.

On the speaker department, we have Dynaudio speakers which will still suit the average gamer, unless of course they wear headphones. The common problem I’ve seen with gaming laptops is how they handle bass in speakers, Asus generally sells a subwoofer add on to tackle this but I was hoping MSI sort this out with this model. It still can’t handle full rich bass and that’s a shame but there were cutbacks made to get a design this slim and this is something I’m going to throw under the rug as a compromise.




The GS60 device we reviewed had a GeForce GTX 870M graphics chip inside. Keep in mind there’s already a 4K version of this same laptop with better specs for a higher price. The 941 mhz core GPU clock can also be boosted after all you’re going to get a lot of juice from one of Nvidia’s best mobile chipsets. It will give you a great gaming experience with subtle changes if you know your way around, I’m not a fan on Windows 8 when it comes for gaming, the 8.1 update helps since it boots up in less than 8 seconds, not surprisingly after a heavy update from Microsoft the boot takes a second or two longer as do all other functions, the windows update is notorious for slowing PC’s over time but this just goes to show how this affects mobile laptops.