More Hideo Kojima's Overdose Horror Game Images Leak Online

More Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Horror Game Images Leak Online

More pictures of Kojima Productions’ forthcoming horror game Overdose have started surfacing on secret servers and chat systems. While the extra photographs offer some insight into the project, they don’t give many clear answers. Earlier this year, it was rumoured that Kojima Productions was developing a horror game called Overdose, but the company requested that the first article be withdrawn.

Aside from what players might deduce from freshly circulated screenshots, little is known about overdose.

Kojima recently said that he was working on a title that, if successful, will alter media, although it’s unclear if that game is Overdose or something else completely. These fresh images of Mama actress Margaret Qualley in a blue dress started circulating on a secret Discord site. According to Insider Gaming, at the conclusion of the leaked clip, a jump scare flashes with the words “Game Over” and a game by Hideo Kojima.

The screenshots seem to be from the original video that was released, indicating that the material is now in the hands of many more players. The Discord channel where the material originally emerged is used by game developers unrelated to Kojima Productions, and the files were quickly erased after they were shared.

Overdose has received as much attention from Kojima as Death Stranding, allowing players to speculate about the game’s gameplay characteristics. Typically, the more individuals who have access to material about a forthcoming game, the sooner the company behind it will reveal pertinent information. Perhaps Kojima Productions will decide to provide more official details regarding this upcoming title when photographs of Overdose circulate online. Kojima has promised that his next game will use the power of the cloud to deliver a gaming experience unlike any other, and players are eager to find out whether Overdose will be that gaming experience.

Previously, it was thought that Kojima’s next game would be a PlayStation-exclusive sequel to Death Stranding, but the creator just confirmed his relationship with Xbox Studios. While announcing the Xbox collaboration, Kojima took care to assure supporters that his connection with Sony remained solid. Overdose is perhaps the game Kojima is working on in collaboration with XBO, although there is no concrete evidence to back it up.