Microsoft’s Next-Gen Bing Boasts More Powerful Language Model Than ChatGPT

Microsoft’s often neglected search engine is going to get fresh life. The IT titan, as predicted, said on Tuesday that it is collaborating with OpenAI to strengthen Bing using the company’s AI technology. Nevertheless, Microsoft also had a surprise up its sleeve: the next iteration of Bing would have a new next-generation big language model the firm says is “far more powerful” than ChatGPT and created expressly to excel at search.

The search engine is powered by the Prometheus Model, a new proprietary technology developed by Microsoft. More relevant search results are one of Prometheus’ advantages. According to Microsoft, the methodology will also make Bing safer and enable the business to rapidly change search results.

The new Bing has a chat feature as well as an extended search bar that enables you to enter up to a thousand characters. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s consumer chief marketing officer, requested Bing to compare the most prominent Mexican painters and their best-known works in one demo shown at the event. Bing’s answer was demonstrated in a new side panel that included annotations and weblinks. Afterwards, Mehdi requested the search engine to evaluate three pet vacuums, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. Mehdi said that Bing might also assist with queries that may not have a specific solution.

Nonetheless, if Bing does not know the answer to a question, it will still attempt to direct you to relevant material. Microsoft is also introducing a button that will enable users to provide input on the search engine’s new features. “I think of it as Search with your own personal assistant,” Mehdi said.

When you wish to exploit OpenAI’s generative powers, you may use the chat function. Assume you want to start organising a vacation to Hawaii. You may request that Bing construct a five-day itinerary for you. The search engine’s results will contain connections to lodgings, flights, and activities on the islands. The new Bing is now ready for testing. According to Microsoft, anybody may go to and attempt a few example searches before signing up for the company’s waitlist. “In the coming weeks, we’ll expand the preview to millions,” Microsoft added. A smartphone preview is also on the way.