Twitter's 'For You' tab for iOS and Android will become much more functional

Twitter’s ‘For You’ tab for iOS and Android will become much more functional

Appreciate most people around the globe, if you use Twitter mainly on an iPhone or an Android device, the company just pushed out an update that you’re likely to like.

The Twitter Support account announced an “upgrade to the newest version of the app so that “For you” and “Following” will default to whatever tab you had open previously” in an update on the social media network.

Customers on iOS and Android were previously defaulted to the “For You” page inside the app, even if they had previously quit the app using the “Following” option. This was inconvenient for anybody who didn’t want to view all of the recommended content that Twitter wanted them to read and instead wanted to see what accounts they were following had posted.

When you exit the Twitter app on iOS or Android using the “Following” tab and return later, it will still be on the “Following” tab. It is a good substitute for anybody who wants to avoid seeing what the Twitter algorithm has in store for them. Last week, the company made a similar change to Twitter on the internet.

The move to improve the Twitter experience on iOS and Android comes only a week after the company said it was banning third-party purchasers like Tweetbot and Twitterrific. The transition will eventually force all social media platform users to utilise the corporate-provided official applications.

Although customers are obligated to use the official Twitter app, the corporation is attempting to profit from that. Twitter said last week that it intends to begin charging for API access. A revelation published over the weekend revealed that the company is attempting to charge manufacturers as much as $1000 every 30 days to stay certified on the site. Due to a shortage of advertising revenue, the corporation is attempting to cut corners wherever possible.