Microsoft to Delete Data of Unsubscribed Free Teams Business Customers

With the debut of Microsoft Teams Premium, Microsoft is altering the free work offering – and not everyone will be pleased. On April 12th, the firm will retire the current Teams Free version for small businesses in favour of the similarly branded Teams (free), and old data will not be carried over. To save conversations, meetings, channels, and other important information, your company must pay for at least the Teams Essentials plan ($4 per user per month).

According to Windows Central, the new Teams (free) tier will need to create a new account. The data in the previous app, which has been rebranded as Teams Free (classic), will be destroyed. Everything you haven’t saved by then will be gone, including shared files you haven’t downloaded.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment. This will not affect personal usage, but it may cause problems for small businesses that previously depended on free Teams to cooperate. They’ll have to start paying or lose access to previous chats, not to mention the hassle of rebuilding their channel configurations. Customers are unlikely to migrate to alternatives like Slack if they are intensely involved in Microsoft’s ecosystem. It may, however, cause businesses to reconsider their plans if they are unable to justify a large number of paid services.