Microsoft's $51.9 billion quarter saw a drop in Xbox and Windows sales

Microsoft’s $51.9 billion quarter saw a drop in Xbox and Windows sales

Despite the lower PC market, Surface is doing well commercially. Despite no major Surface releases during the quarter, Surface revenue climbed by 10%. “When it comes to overall demand right now, the consumer side is obviously decreasing down at a quicker pace, so when we think of the commercial strength on Surface, that’s where we get a little bit more support on that Surface [revenue] figure,” adds Goodenough.

Microsoft upgraded the small Surface Laptop Go in June with an 11th Gen Intel CPU, but we won’t see a larger refresh to the Surface series until the autumn. The surface will be 10 years old in 2022, so anticipate the customary autumn event for new gadgets.

All eyes are now focused on Intel’s expected price hikes for CPUs and processors, and how they may impact the PC industry. Later this year, Intel plans to raise the prices of its flagship CPUs and a broad variety of other processors, including Wi-Fi and other connected components.