The 3 BEST Laptops to buy in 2022

The 3 BEST Laptops to buy in 2022

It’s becoming more difficult to purchase a terrible laptop, but what distinguishes the finest laptops from the average laptops is how they mix power, efficiency, mobility, and comfort. The best laptop should have an excellent keyboard and trackpad since these are the two main reasons you’d select a laptop over a smartphone or tablet. Its display should be easy on the eyes, bright, and crisp enough that ragged edges and exposed pixels do not distract you. It should be capable of doing most tasks except severe video editing and complex gaming. It should be lightweight and portable, and it should be able to endure all day without having to be charged.

2022 has offered us some great laptops thus far and we are sure that we will see a few more before the year is out. However, with the big players done with their yearly offerings and additions, we are going to give you our selection of the 3 BEST Laptops to buy in 2022.

Number 1. Apple MacBook Air (M2 Processor)


The 3 BEST Laptops to buy in 2022


The most recent MacBook Air, powered by Apple’s M2 CPU, is the finest laptop for the majority of users.

The basic model begins at $1,199 and features 8GB of memory, 256GB of storage, an 8-core CPU, and an 8-core GPU. A model with 512GB of storage, which we suggest for most people and will allow you to use the laptop for a longer period of time, costs $1,399.

The Air has lost its wedge-shaped form, but it keeps all of the other good features of previous generations, like as MagSafe charging, Touch ID, and the scissor-switch keyboard, and adds a new 1080p camera and two new color choices.

The M2 CPU inside isn’t as fast or as powerful as the M1 Pro or M1 Max found in bigger (and more costly) MacBook Pro models, but it’s still a beast. It handled heavy office workloads with little to no heat or lag in our tests. Given how tiny and light this gadget is, it provides a mix of power and mobility that you won’t find in many other PCs.

In our rundown tests, the M2 Air didn’t have nearly as much battery life as the 16-inch M1 Pro MacBook, but we’d still expect it to last most people a full day of continuous usage.

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Number 2. HP Spectre X360 14


The 3 BEST Laptops to buy in 2022


It’s difficult to find a single criticism regarding the Spectre x360 14. It’s a stunning laptop with solid construction and a quality appearance and feels.

But the Spectre x360 14 is more than just a lovely face: it’s also a joy to drive on a daily basis. Intel’s newest 11th Generation CPUs with Iris Xe integrated graphics give a fast performance with no noticeable lag or freezes. And the gadget provided an average of 10 hours of battery life, which is one of the finest figures we’ve ever seen.

On the exterior, the Spectre has a large 3:2 display, and if FHD resolution isn’t your thing, there are OLED and 1,000-nit variants. There’s also a pen included, which magnetically connects to the side of the Spectre – useful if you’re using the gadget as a tablet. Almost every single component of this laptop approaches or surpasses the greatest convertibles on the market, from its comfy keyboard and responsive touchpad to its bass-heavy audio and sensible port options.

Such a comprehensive set of features is not inexpensive, and many clients will find what they want in a less-priced solution. The Spectre x360 14 is, however, the new gold standard in Windows convertibles. Overall, it is the greatest Windows laptop available.


Number 3. Asus Chromebook Flip CX5


The 3 BEST Laptops to buy in 2022


Asus stunned us with the Chromebook Flip CX5, a stunning $800 notebook that runs Chrome OS. It’s as tough and well-made as any other Windows laptop at a higher price range, and it has a distinct silky touch. It has complete laptop features, including a 57Wh battery, for fast performance, extended battery life, and rapid charging.

There are several connectors available, including an HDMI port and a microSD slot. The speakers sound fantastic, and the keyboard is really comfy. Asus hasn’t skimped on the CX5’s casing or performance – it’s the device to get if you want a Chromebook with a large screen.

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