Microsoft to showcase Windows 10

Microsoft to showcase Windows 10

Microsoft is all set to preview their newest operating system, Windows 10, tonight. With the software giant from Redmond, making their biggest announcement, Satya Nadella has a lot to deliver today for the PC market as it gets back on their feet after stumbling with Windows 8.

So we don’t have a Windows 9 happening which makes this a symbolizing leap ahead and also make gave credence to the dreadful myth that Windows churns a bad OS with each alternative version. ( Think Windows ME, Vista, and 8)

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What to expect today

Back in September, Microsoft already gave us a preview of what Windows 10 would look like offering a lot of business solutions, today’s preview is devoted towards the consumer.

The technical preview of Windows 10 looks set to be a sleeker faster Windows 7.

The bigger picture however, is how the OS would work across all platforms, desktops, tablets phones or smart appliances. We already know that Microsoft’s voice assistant will play a pivotal role, so a voice operated OS seems likely. Microsoft also has a new browser in the works, codenamed Spartan and whether or not that replaces Internet Explorer remains to be seen.