Meta Cracks Down: Instagram and Facebook Block Harmful Content for Users Under 18
Image Source - Twitter

Meta Cracks Down: Instagram and Facebook Block Harmful Content for Users Under 18

Meta is officially putting you in social media time-out! Instagram and Facebook just announced they’re automatically blocking all under 18 accounts from seeing harmful stuff like graphic violence, sexual content, and dangerous eating disorder posts. Even if your friends share it, you won’t see it anymore.

I know, I know, cue the collective eye roll from teens everywhere. Meta is totally harshing your digital vibe and cramping your edge-lord style.

This social media grounding comes after Meta got sued by 40+ states for allegedly downplaying how their apps can seriously mess with young minds. With lawmakers and parents breathing down their neck, Meta realized they gotta get their act together and shield the youths.

So starting this week, your feeds are getting cleaned up and your accounts are getting bubble wrapped into restricted mode. Meta consulted with teen psychology experts to decide what’s inappropriate for your impressionable eyes.

And if you search sketchy stuff like “suicide methods” or “pro-ana tips,” you’ll be redirected to legit help resources instead of questionable posts. Meta’s also adding a new Instagram one-click privacy setting so randos can’t creep on teens.

Look, I get it’s annoying when the olds limit your digital freedom “for your own good.” But try to see the flip side – Meta blocking harmful content will hopefully keep more teens safe and promote healthy online habits.

Sure, you may have to dig a little deeper in the internet trenches to find your edgelord fix. But that’s better than Meta letting the next generation spiral down social media rabbit holes unchecked. They’re finally stepping up after way too long.

So say goodbye to digital FOMO and embrace your socially responsible side! You’ll live if you miss a few memes while Meta protects you from the dark side.