Infinix GT 10 Pro Review - A Cyberpunk touch to midrange smartphones in 2024

Infinix GT 10 Pro Review – A Cyberpunk touch to midrange smartphones in 2024

The Infinix GT 10 Pro entered a crowded mid-range space, but after extensively testing this device as my daily driver, it has seriously impressed me with its well-rounded capabilities. While not perfect, it delivers a complete experience most can’t match at its affordable price point.

Sleek and Sturdy Design Stands Out

Unboxing the phone, the premium glass back with its 3D curved shape immediately caught my eye. The aluminum frame provides structural rigidity while the rear glass finish resists fingerprints remarkably well. Despite its 6.67” screen, ergonomic curves and slim bezels keep the body compact for easy one-handed use.

At 187g there’s some nice heft that gives a reassuring in-hand feel. Buttons and ports are smartly positioned for access. The LED lighting strip across the cyberpunk-esque camera module offers unique flair. Build quality is top notch with no creaking or parts jiggling. For the price, the GT 10 Pro achieves a sophisticated design that punches above its class.




Vibrant 120Hz AMOLED Display excels for Enjoying Content

That exceptional build quality extends to the display. Featuring crisp 1080p resolution, this stunning AMOLED panel makes movies and videos pop thanks to its true blacks and lively colors. Contrast is essentially infinite, allowing the smallest details in dark scenes to shine through. Everything from text to icons appears sharp on this high pixel density screen.

Scrolling and navigation take on new fluidity thanks to the silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Animations and motion flow seamlessly across the interface, keeping up with fast finger movements. Even in harsh sunlight, the superb 900 nits peak brightness ensures easy visibility. Simply put, this is one of the best displays I’ve experienced in a mid-range device. Streaming shows and playing games on it is an absolute joy.

Quad Camera Array Captures Crisp, Vivid Photos

The GT 10 Pro sports an impressive rear quad camera setup headed by a massive 108MP primary sensor. In daytime, images show crisp details and accurate colors even when viewing photos zoomed in. The software’s HDR processing brings out highlights and shadows nicely. Switching to the dedicated 2MP macro lens let me capture tiny subjects like flowers and insects in vivid close up.

Portrait shots really shine thanks to the 2MP depth sensor that adds sophisticated background blur. Selfies come out looking fantastic as well with balanced exposures and natural skin tones courtesy of the 32MP front camera. The only area of improvement is low light performance, which is good but not class-leading. Overall, the photography experience exceeds what I’d expect at this price point.


Infinix GT 10 Pro Review - A Cyberpunk touch to midrange smartphones in 2024


Zippy All-Around Performance for Work and Play

MediaTek’s Dimensity 1080 5G chipset provides ample mid-range power for smooth multitasking and gaming. Apps open swiftly and system animations are fluid thanks to the 8GB of RAM. Heavy 3D titles like Genshin Impact run at high graphics settings with consistent frame rates. Thermal throttling is also minimized, allowing quick load times and game performance to be maintained over extended play sessions.

Day-to-day tasks like web browsing, video playback, and app jumping are snappy too. The software’s optimizations keep things running efficiently. While not quite flagship grade, the Dimensity 1080 delivers excellent processing capabilities for the money.

Two-Day Battery Life, Rapid Charging

The large 5000mAh battery lets me use the phone extensively without worrying about running dry during the day. From mobile gaming and YouTube binging to reading long articles, I can do it all and still have around 35% left by bedtime. With lighter use I can stretch it to almost 2.5 days per charge.

When I do need to refuel, the insanely fast 45W charging has me back up over 50% in just 30 minutes. A full 0-100% charge takes a little over an hour. The charger is conveniently USB-C PD as well, allowing me to top up rapidly from my laptop brick when needed. Battery life is simply not a concern with the GT 10 Pro.


Infinix GT 10 Pro Review - A Cyberpunk touch to midrange smartphones in 2024


Polished Software and Handy Features

While largely retaining the Stock Android 13 experience, Infinix adds genuinely useful features with XOS 13. I appreciate additions like one-handed mode for easier reach across the large display. The theming engine provides cool visual options through different icon packs and colors. Clone apps come in handy for running dual accounts. Face unlock pairs nicely with the fast in-display fingerprint reader for securely accessing the phone.

Scrolling and animations feel fluid thanks to performance optimizations tailored for the hardware. The interface looks modern as well with clean typography and fluid transitions when navigating around. Overall, the software strikes a good balance between functionality and design.

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With its sleek premium design, stunning 120Hz AMOLED display, versatile cameras and long battery life, the Infinix GT 10 Pro delivers an impressive overall package. Performance and features compete with phones hundreds more, especially in key areas like the display. If you’re seeking great value in a mid-range device, the GT 10 Pro is easy to recommend after my positive experience making it my daily driver.