Meet Conduit: Apex Legends' Newest Legend with a Titanfall Connection

Meet Conduit: Apex Legends’ Newest Legend with a Titanfall Connection

Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite Brings a Tiny Titan of Optimism to the Battle Royale

As Apex Legends gears up for Season 19: Ignite, players are in for a treat with the introduction of a brand-new playable character, Conduit. The wait won’t be long, as the season is scheduled to launch on October 31. To give fans a sneak peek into the upcoming update, Respawn Entertainment has released an animated short featuring the battle royale’s latest Legend, Conduit.

Conduit’s origin story unfolds in the animated short, delving deeper into the game’s rich lore. She’s affectionately described as a “tiny titan of optimism,” and the thrilling part? Conduit has a direct connection to Respawn’s beloved Titanfall series. In the animated short, viewers witness her rescue by a Monarch Titan, which selflessly sacrificed itself during a perilous battle that threatened her life and homeland.