MedBay Cross Violates Geneva Convention: Among Us Makes a Change to Comply!

MedBay Cross Violates Geneva Convention: Among Us Makes a Change to Comply!

It’s understandable if you assumed that Among Us debuted in 2020 given its sudden rise in popularity among almost everyone. However, the game had actually been in existence for two years prior. While Innersloth welcomed the renewed interest in their hit game during the pandemic, it also led to some trouble as they were found to have violated the Geneva Conventions.

Recently, the Among Us Twitter account revealed a “fun fact” about the game’s MedBay crosses. Innersloth shared that they had to change the color of the cross from red to blue, as using a red cross was a violation of the Geneva Conventions Act. The team made the necessary changes and the blue cross has been used since then.

Although the color change may have gone unnoticed by most, it is a serious matter as other games have also faced similar issues. Indie studio No More Robots, for instance, failed to receive console certification three times due to the presence of a red cross in their games.

While the red cross is widely recognized as a symbol for medical aid, its use is limited to certain medical associations worldwide. According to the Canadian Red Cross website, misusing the symbol can distort its meaning and protective value for victims of conflict and aid workers.

Hence, games that feature medkits typically opt for a white cross on a red background rather than the opposite, as seen in Among Us. If you come across a game that uses a red cross on its medkits or hospitals, it’s either unaware of the violation or has been warned but chooses to ignore it.