Marth, Celica, and Sigurd have new character bios in Fire Emblem Engage

Marth, Celica, and Sigurd have new character bios in Fire Emblem Engage

With a collection of biographies supplied by Nintendo, fans may reacquaint themselves with some of the returning Emblems for Fire Emblem Engage. These are the biographies of three of the new Fire Emblem heroes, Marth, Celica, and Sigurd. These three were the first playable Emblems to be unveiled when the game was initially announced, and they have been in trailers, tweets about the game, and other places, with Marth, in particular, having a unique relationship with the protagonist, Alear.

In the universe of Fire Emblem Engage, emblems are the souls from other planets that were called in and helped destroy the Fell Dragon, an evil from the distant past. When Alear reawakens, they learn that they have amnesia. Soon after, they are tasked with collecting the twelve Emblem Rings in order to recover their dispersed memories, with these rings portraying prominent Fire Emblem characters from around the game.



These bios were released by Nintendo’s official Twitter account, and they include a quick summary of the Emblem, its title, and its history. Marth’s Emblem is known as the Emblem of Beginnings, which is appropriate given that he was introduced in the first game of the series and will most likely be the first of the Emblems received. His past as the ruler of Altea, as well as his great swordsmanship, are described in the tweet. Since of his friendly character, he may cooperate with numerous friends, which means he will function best with any unit in the army because he allows for swift and agile sword attacks.

Celica, the lovely princess of the country Zophia from Valentia, who symbolises the Emblem of Echoes, follows him. Celica is defined as being useful to offensive magic troops since she is a magic-focused character who can cast a number of strong spells. This is underlined with strong Engage Attacks like Warp Ragnarok, a more potent form of her Ragnarok spell.

The last character in this biography is Sigurd, the Holy War Emblem. Sigurd is a noble knight descended from a line of legendary crusaders in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. His Emblem Ring may be worn by any character in Alear’s army, and any unit wearing it will be able to march farther than normal. Furthermore, after the assault, the equipped unit may move again and escape to a different section of the battlefield. He also gives Ridersbane, an Engage Weapon that delivers more damage to cavalry troops.

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