MAKO Medical CEO Chad Price Explain How Being a Humble Leader Can Make Your Workforce More Effective

MAKO Medical CEO Chad Price Explain How Being a Humble Leader Can Make Your Workforce More Effective

Leading any team takes a certain level of finesse. Whether you’re a manager or a CEO, you have a duty to inspire your workforce. Understanding the traits that do just that is the first step toward success. When you think of natural-born leaders, a handful of characteristics may spring to mind. For example, you may think of these individuals as being charismatic, charming, and captivating speakers. While these traits no doubt play a role in ensuring the success of the world’s best leaders, there’s something many overlook.

Research from the American Psychological Association shows that individuals who signal high status come across as high status. When you hold a high position, it may seem natural to assert that authority. However, the study authors explained that this approach may have an adverse effect leading to the ultimate alienation of the people around you.

“It is generally assumed that signaling status can strategically benefit people who want to appear high class. But it can also backfire by making them seem more self-interested,” said lead researcher Shalena Srna, PhD, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. “In social situations that depend on cooperation, people will often choose to present themselves more modestly.”

As Srna puts it, there is a major social benefit to conveying yourself in a modest way, in every situation. In the business world, when you’re trying to encourage staff members to cooperate, for example, it may be a smart move to adopt a more humble attitude.

Chad Price, MAKO Medical Laboratories, is a pro when it comes to this method of leadership. Over the course of the pandemic, the leading healthcare business has grown exponentially. However, he has never taken his eye off the ball when it comes to modesty. In this article, we will cover how he applies this attitude to every area of his work life.

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