How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists
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How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists

Knowing how to upload music to Spotify is just one step in the process of getting your music noticed on streaming platforms. For those that really want to attract attention and see marked success in the music industry will want to get featured on as many playlists as possible. Sounds easy right? In reality, there is so much competition that getting on a playlist can be a tricky thing to do. Finishing the album and releasing it on streaming platforms is important, but it’s just the beginning of marketing your music as much as you can to get it featured in as many places as possible. If you’re close to the final steps of releasing music, then check out this breakdown of getting your music playlisted on one of spotify’s featured playlists. It isn’t difficult, but it takes some persistence and a few steps along the way to do it right.


Get A Verified Account


How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists


The first thing you’ll need is a Spotify verified account. This means that between the artist and Spotify, they have determined that the account is represented by the true artist and owner of the work. To do this, artists need to have already released something on Spotify. Unfortunately, it currently isn’t possible to verify an account or even create an artist account without having music published to the streaming service. Once you do, you can request access to your Spotify account. It might be wise to release a single ahead of a larger release so you can claim your account before the next steps.


Different Kinds of Playlists


How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists


It’s important to note that on Spotify, and on all streaming platforms for that matter, there are a multitude of different types of playlists. Below is a brief description of each kind you’ll see while browsing Spotify. Many people are confused about which playlists are actually spotify curated and which are curated by outside parties and individuals.


Spotify Curated


How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists


The kind that most are likely looking for are Spotify curated playlists. An example of this might be ‘New Indie Rock,’ or ‘Folk Highlights.’ These playlists are put together by a team of Spotify team members who choose which songs to put in. These playlists must be applied to through Spotify. There are also Daily Release Radar playlists that will help your music show up in anyone’s feed who has saved it.


Label Curated


How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists


If you happen to have label representation, there are also label curated playlists. Labels will often put together collections of their featured artists, this practice is ages old. On Spotify, these will feature new and popular artists that they represent. Often, labels may have a preferred relationship with streaming services and can offer a great deal of exposure in addition to Spotify’s curated collections.



There are also a handful of influential music bloggers and reviewers who put together playlists of their own. Individual playlists can be applied for through submission websites that take songs and submit them for consideration to these individuals playlists. This can be a really great way to gain exposure and can spread a lot of buzz about your music through more niche communities of listeners and music seekers. Individual playlists offer a secondary option in addition or instead of playlists curated by Spotify’s curators. As always with music, a multi-pronged approach is always the best one to take.


How to Submit to Spotify Playlists

The process of submitting to Spotify playlists is relatively simple, it just requires a verified account and a scheduled but unreleased song. Once your music is scheduled for release, you can then submit songs directly to Spotify’s curators for consideration. Keep in mind that this requires patience and persistence. Spotify generally only accepts roughly 20% of the music it receives. But fear not! There are still individual playlists you can apply to through websites like Submithub and many other options for marketing your music.



Spotify playlists are easy to submit to, but they require a few preliminary steps before an artist will be eligible to do so. The first thing an artist will need is to have released a song or album on Spotify already. From there, they can verify their spotify account to ensure that the owner of the music is running the account. Then, on an artist’s next release, they will have the option to submit a song to Spotify’s curators for consideration. Time and patience is key with this process as Spotify doesn’t playlist everything it receives. Submitting will, however, ensure that it comes up on listeners weekly radio and new release radar playlists.