Lost Ark Censoring Skins to Meet Western Standards

Lost Ark Censoring Skins to Meet Western Standards

According to a Lost Ark content schedule for 2023, the future Artist class will have some of its skins filtered for worldwide distribution. The popular Amazon-published MMORPG has already disclosed a slew of huge plans for 2023, including a forthcoming partnership with The Witcher. The game will also be welcome in the new year with its first anniversary celebrations, which will take place in February, and will introduce a completely new continent to the worldwide edition with Rowen. The Artist, the RPG’s newest class, will be one of the most noticeable additions.

The Artist class was introduced in Raiders of the Lost Ark as a support specialist with a number of talents that enable players to unleash strong strikes or reinforce and heal teammates. The Artist’s major gameplay gimmick is its Moonfall and Sunrise skills, which use the new “Harmony” mechanism to boost their attacks and support abilities. With the Artist’s release approaching, many fans have hypothesised about how the character’s look would differ from the game’s original Korean version. Amazon Games has already revealed further information regarding the proven censoring of Lost Ark’s Artist.

The Artist section of the 2023 roadmap goes into further depth about how the Artist will be altered with their inclusion in the Western version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The article indicates that various parts of the Artist’s skins would be altered to “better match Western conventions,” with the goal of providing an “approachable and representative” experience for Western consumers in collaboration with developer Smilegate. The article goes on to say that certain skins with short skirts will have shorts placed below, while others will have pants lengths changed or tights added.

The censoring of the Artist’s clothes would not be the first time the game tackled the issue of censorship. Earlier this year, Amazon Games and Smilegate told fans that pre-existing Lost Ark clothes will not be restricted, instead changing advertising photos and introducing fewer exposing choices. Censorship has always been a component of the video game business, with revealing clothing in games often changing when they are presented to a Western audience.

Fans of Lost Ark in 2023 can expect a jam-packed first quarter with the inclusion of the Artist in April. Along with the previously stated Witcher cooperation and new territory, Lost Ark is slated to release a new 48v48 PvP game mode in March with the inclusion of the Tulubik Battlefield. April will also see the inclusion of many new bosses, including a Hard Mode of the game’s Brelshaza encounter and the Hanumatan Guardian Raid. Lost Ark seems to be in for a busy 2023, with lots of fresh stuff for fans to enjoy.