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Experience the Best of 2022 Gaming on Your Windows PC: Top 5 Picks

This year has been a wild ride for video game releases. We had some major hits early on, like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West, but then things slowed down for a bit. But overall, it’s been a great year for all kinds of games, from huge AAA titles to indie hits to creative narrative games. If you’ve recently upgraded your gaming setup, or you’ve got some extra cash to spend, we’ve got a list of 5 must-play games for you. These picks cover a range of genres and price points, so there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on these bangers.


Number 1. Elden Ring


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Elden Ring is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released in 2022 and has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated and critically acclaimed games of the year.

The game is set in a fantastical world filled with rich lore and immersive storytelling. Players take on the role of a character who is tasked with exploring the vast and mysterious world of Elden Ring, discovering hidden secrets and uncovering the truth behind the mysterious Elden Ring itself. Along the way, players will encounter a variety of creatures and characters, each with their own unique personalities and motivations.

One of the standout features of Elden Ring is its combat system, which combines elements of both action and role-playing games. Players have a variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal, and must strategically use them to defeat enemies and progress through the game. The game also features a deep leveling system, allowing players to customize their character’s skills and abilities as they progress through the game.

The world of Elden Ring is vast and open, giving players the freedom to explore and discover new areas at their own pace. The game features a number of different environments, including forests, mountains, and ancient ruins, each with their own unique atmosphere and challenges. Players can also interact with various NPCs (non-player characters) as they explore the world, learning more about the lore and history of Elden Ring through conversations and quests.

Overall, Elden Ring is a truly remarkable game that offers an unforgettable gaming experience for players. Its rich storytelling, immersive world, and deep gameplay mechanics combine to create a truly unique and captivating game. Whether you’re a fan of action games, role-playing games, or just looking for a new and exciting gaming experience, Elden Ring is definitely worth checking out.


Number 2. The Quarry


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The Quarry by Supermassive Games is an exciting choose your own adventure thriller game that is best experienced with friends. As a group of teenage counselors at a summer camp, players must navigate a series of mysterious and bloody murders and disappearances. The story unfolds based on the dialogue choices and quick-time events that players encounter, and the choices made can have significant consequences on the outcome of the game.

To enhance the experience, The Quarry has built-in co-op functions that allow players to play specific characters or work together to make decisions. Even if one person is in control of the gameplay, it is still enjoyable to have a group of friends weighing in on the choices. The Quarry is a thrilling and suspenseful game that is perfect for spooky season and is sure to become an annual tradition for many.


Number 3. Cyberpunk 2077


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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red and published by CD Projekt. It was released in 2022 and has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated and critically acclaimed games of the year.

In Cyberpunk 2077, players take on the role of V, a mercenary in a future version of the city of Night City. The game is set in a dystopian world where advanced technology and body modifications coexist with extreme inequality and social decay. As V, players must navigate the dangerous streets of Night City, completing missions and making difficult choices that will shape the course of their journey.

One of the standout features of Cyberpunk 2077 is its open-world setting, which is filled with a diverse range of characters, factions, and locations. Players can explore a variety of different districts, each with its own unique atmosphere and culture. The game also features a deep character customization system, allowing players to create their own unique version of V, with different abilities and skills.

In addition to its open-world gameplay, Cyberpunk 2077 also features a rich and immersive story, filled with complex characters and branching storylines. Players will encounter a variety of NPCs as they explore Night City, each with their own unique personalities and motivations. The game also features a range of different endings, depending on the choices players make throughout the game.

Overall, Cyberpunk 2077 is a truly impressive game that offers an unforgettable gaming experience for players. Its immersive open-world setting, deep character customization, and engaging story make it a must-play for fans of action role-playing games.


Number 4. Immortality


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Immortality is a unique and captivating experience that challenges the player to solve a complex mystery using a box set of three unreleased feature films. The films can only be experienced out of sequence, adding to the mystery and immersing the player in a world of lost movies. The production values and performances are top-notch, with Manon Gage consistently delivering a strong lead performance and Charlotta Mohlin delivering chilling moments as the enigmatic presence ‘The One.’ The game also features an innovative image-matching interface that requires players to closely analyze every frame for clues.

Overall, Immortality is a maze-like and mesmerizing mystery that offers a spellbinding narrative unlike any other. It’s an unforgettable and authentic experience that we were fortunate to have in 2022.


Number 5. Marvel Snap


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Second Dinner has taken their expertise in creating streamlined and engaging card games, honed from their work on Blizzard’s Hearthstone, and crafted something new: Marvel Snap. This mobile-first game is optimized for quick, exciting matches that can be enjoyed in just a few minutes. And despite its easy-to-learn fundamentals, it has a high skill ceiling that allows players to craft complex strategies.

But Marvel Snap isn’t just about competition. It’s also about immersion in the Marvel universe, with a wide range of iconic and lesser-known characters represented through stunning card artwork. And with an upgrade system that enhances the cards with features like 3D effects, Marvel Snap has a compelling loop of gameplay that satisfies players’ desire for collecting.

And the best part? Marvel Snap is fairly monetized, with no pay-to-win elements. Premium currency can only be used to purchase variants and access additional missions, and the monthly season pass provides new cards and variants that are not overpowered compared to those that can be earned for free. Second Dinner knows they have created something special and trusts that the quality of the game will sustain it and the studio, rather than relying on predatory tactics.

Marvel Snap is a confident and surprising game that truly deserves success.