Lordstown's EV Pickup Has a Worryingly Short Range, Raising Questions About Its Future

Lordstown’s EV Pickup Has a Worryingly Short Range, Raising Questions About Its Future

Lordstown Motors, the embattled electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, faces another setback as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates the range of its first EV, the Endurance pickup, at just 174 miles. This falls significantly short of Lordstown’s original claim that the truck would achieve an EPA-rated range of 250 miles. The underwhelming range further adds to the company’s existing challenges, including production issues, the departure of its major investor General Motors (GM), and a potential withdrawal of its manufacturing partner Foxconn.

In comparison to other electric pickups in the market, the Endurance’s range falls behind competitors. The all-wheel drive Ford F-150 Lightning, for example, achieves 240 miles with a smaller battery, while the Rivian R1T offers an impressive range of 289 miles. Lordstown Motors’ claim that the Endurance can tow more than the F-150 is overshadowed by its limited payload capacity. Additionally, the Ford F-150 Lightning comes with a slightly lower price tag, which further challenges the competitiveness of the Endurance.

While it is worth noting that EPA figures can sometimes be conservative and real-world driving may yield different results, the EPA rating could significantly impact the appeal of the Endurance. The limited range restricts the truck’s usability for customers who require longer-distance travel, such as workers who frequently make multiple stops or individuals traveling between cities. The Endurance’s appeal would primarily be limited to customers who only require short-distance hauls, such as contractors operating within a single city.

Lordstown Motors now faces the challenge of overcoming its range limitations in addition to its existing production and partnership troubles. The company has been grappling with manufacturing issues that have hindered its output, while GM divested its stake in Lordstown last year. Moreover, Foxconn, Lordstown’s manufacturing partner, is reportedly considering withdrawing from the partnership due to an alleged breach of contract related to stock. With these mounting difficulties, the Endurance’s limited range could further impede Lordstown’s ability to remain competitive in the EV market.

Lordstown Motors has yet to comment on the EPA rating, and it remains to be seen how the company will address this latest setback. The combination of range limitations, production challenges, and partnership uncertainties raises questions about the future of the Endurance and Lordstown Motors as a whole.

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