Google Wallet Adds New Feature: Scan and Save Passes

Google Wallet Adds New Feature: Scan and Save Passes

Google Wallet is introducing new features that will make it easier for users to create and manage digital membership cards, including IDs, health insurance cards, and corporate badges. With the upcoming update, Google Wallet users will be able to save passes to their digital wallet by simply taking a photo of the card, as long as it contains a barcode or QR code. This convenient feature allows users to have a digital backup of their cards and eliminates the need to carry physical copies.

In line with Apple’s support for digital IDs, Google is also expanding its digital ID feature. Maryland residents can already add their driver’s licenses and ID cards to Google Wallet, and residents of Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia can expect this option in the coming months. The Maryland IDs can already be used for TSA PreCheck lines at select airports, and an upcoming upgrade will enable users to verify online accounts or book cars through Turo using digital IDs.

Furthermore, Google Wallet will soon support health insurance cards through partnerships with Humana in the US and the UK government’s HMRC app. Due to the sensitive information contained in health insurance cards, users will need to verify their identity through a phone sign-in, such as a fingerprint scan, each time they want to use the card. Additionally, corporate badges will be supported in Google Wallet later this year, further expanding its utility for professional use.

To enhance the user experience, Google is integrating passes into its Messages app when Rich Communication Services (RCS) is enabled. Users will be able to check in for flights or train rides directly through a chatbot within the Messages app and receive a Wallet pass without needing to switch to a separate app. This feature will initially be available for travelers using Spanish train operator Renfe and Vietnam Airlines, while food enthusiasts can reserve restaurants through platforms like TagMe.

Google’s updates to Wallet aim to provide users with a seamless and convenient way to manage their digital membership cards and IDs. With support for various types of passes and integration into popular apps, Google Wallet is expanding its capabilities and offering users a digital wallet solution that can simplify their everyday transactions and interactions.

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