Limited-Time Expeditions Return to No Man's Sky

Limited-Time Expeditions Return to No Man’s Sky

Fans of No Man’s Sky who missed out on this year’s Expeditions will get another opportunity to get their hands on the riches they lost out on, as developer Hello Games has announced that shorter versions of the Expeditions will return for a limited-time event. This announcement is particularly exciting for Switch users since it is the first time these Expeditions will be accessible to No Man’s Sky players on Nintendo Switch.

No Man’s Sky is a space sandbox survival game by Hello Games, which was first published on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016. Following its announcement at the 2013 Spike Video Game Awards, No Man’s Sky promised an unending world in which players may design their own course while exploring a randomly created galaxy. However, when No Man’s Sky was released, gamers were confronted with a mainly lifeless, repetitious cosmos, resulting in outrage from dissatisfied players. Following the game’s lacklustre start, Hello Games has managed to turn it around with a series of free post-launch upgrades that have brought new content and addressed user concerns.

The inclusion of No Man’s Sky’s Expeditions mode in 2021 was one of the game’s most significant improvements to date. Expeditions are timed challenges in which players complete a series of objectives to obtain unique equipment, ships, and customization possibilities. Expeditions have been incredibly popular with gamers due to their distinct surroundings and more concentrated experience. Hello Games has announced that all four of 2022’s Expeditions will be returning for a brief run starting November 24 as a gift for players who missed out on this year’s Expeditions. Each Expedition will last two weeks until it is over and the next one starts.

The abbreviated Expeditions will be accessible on both the PC and console versions of No Man’s Sky, offering Switch players their first chance to take on the themed challenges and earn some exclusive treasure. Exobiology will be the first mission to return on November 24, with the Blighted, Leviathan, and Polestar excursions following at two-week intervals until the event concludes on January 18. This unique event seems to be a perfect incentive to go back into No Man’s Sky for those who missed it the first time or just want to relive their favourite Expeditions.

Hello Games’ efforts to patching and upgrading No Man’s Sky marks a rare instance of a company making a real effort to do right by their customers in an industry where delivering broken, unfinished products can often feel like routine practise. Hello Games has finally delivered the title that fans were promised so many years ago, thanks to several fixes and feature improvements. As players wait for No Man’s Sky’s debut on PlayStation VR2 next year, it seems like the sky is the limit for this unique sandbox adventure.