Tesla Cybertruck Preorders Exceeded 1.6 Million

Tesla Cybertruck Preorders Exceeded 1.6 Million

The Tesla Cybertruck was initially revealed as a prototype in November 2019, with the promise of production beginning in late 2021.

Tesla, therefore, had to push back the start of production many times, from late 2021 to late 2022, then to early 2023, and finally to the mid-2023 deadline.

Despite the delays and changes in price and specs that Tesla is currently keeping hidden, public interest in the Cybertruck has remained strong. On the contrary, according to internet searches, the strange-looking electric pickup truck is still one of the most awaited EVs, alongside the second-generation Roadster.

While Tesla hasn’t released preorder statistics in a long time, a fan-created online reservation tracker does.

According to this tracker, the Cybertruck has 1 million preorders in May 2021, with the number increasing to 1.25 million by August 2021 and 1.3 million by November 2021.

By November 2022, the tracker indicates more than 1.6 million bookings for the Tesla Cybertruck, according to Electrek. That’s an outstanding figure, but keep in mind that the data came from a crowdsourced tracker with no ties to Tesla, so it’s not an actual figure but an estimate.

We should also mention that anybody may reserve a Tesla Cybertruck by paying a $100 100% refundable deposit, which is far from a legally enforceable deal.

As a result, the 1.6 million preorders are unable to be converted into confirmed orders. Even if only 10% of the stated reservations are converted into actual orders, there is still very significant demand for a car that lacks price and specifications nearly half a year before the planned start of production.

If Tesla has 1.6 million preorders, it has raised more than $162 million in interest-free money from reservation deposits alone, which is no minor achievement. The tracker projects that the total income from selling 1.6 million Cybertrucks would be $123 billion.

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