Lethal Company Unleashes New Mod That Shatters Trust Among Friends

Lethal Company Unleashes New Mod That Shatters Trust Among Friends

The new multiplayer horror game Lethal Company proves you don’t need fancy graphics or a big budget to scare the crap out of people. Though still in early access, this scrappy indie title has already won praise for its immersive gameplay across multiple planets and monstrosities. But recently, some talented modders have taken things to the next level – like, way more terrifying.

One mod catching buzz is Skinwalkers by RugbugRedfern. This freaky addition lets the monsters mimic your friends’ voices, luring you into a false sense of security before violently striking. Chilling stuff. It’s great that devoted fans are expanding the game pre-launch, but I don’t know if I’m ready for super-powered beasts posing as my teammates.

With 17 distinct creature types, Lethal Company can already feel relentless. The dark maze of storage vaults hides some of the worst – like the Bracken, a warp-speed demon that zooms through corridors, vanishing from sight only to snap your neck when you least expect it. Spine-tingling.

Sure, beating the game isn’t really the point when you’ve got pals by your side. But man, having some shape-shifting hellion impersonate your bud before ripping you to shreds could breed some real-life trust issues. Towering astronaut suits hiding razor-toothed terrors are one thing – but digital backstabbing from what sounds like your best friend? That’s the stuff of nightmares, game over or not.

Kudos to the modding community for realizing Lethal Company’s scare potential. But as much as I love wetting my pants, this skinwalking update might just be too psychologically damning for me. When it comes to horror immersion, there IS such a thing as too real, you know? I prefer my friends’ faces monster-free, thank you very much.