Lemnis Gate will be delisted and decommissioned

Lemnis Gate will be delisted and decommissioned

Lemnis Gate, the time-bending competitive multiplayer Shooter, is being delisted on all platforms, with its online servers shutting down a few months later. The enjoyable, entertaining, though undeniably complicated Shooter, which debuted in 2021, seems to have failed to attract an audience, and creator Ratloop Games has opted to take it all down.

Although most players believed that Lemnis Gate was worth playing only for the unique blend of genres and tropes, the game’s idea hasn’t worked out as well as the creator had intended. For the time being, though, gamers will be able to play the game as it was meant to be played.

On April 11, 2023, Lemnis Gate will be removed from both PC and platform marketplaces. According to Ratloop, it will be unable to buy the game on any platform after that time, although owners will still be able to play a few bouts. Ratloop will specifically keep the Lemnis Gate multiplayer servers operating until July 11, and if a large portion of the game’s player population returns to give it one more go before it all shuts down, it should be quite straightforward to see and feel what it was all about.

Lemnis Gate, one of the best time loop games of 2021, offered players a novel premise: anybody and everyone could go back in time anytime they wanted. This created a plethora of tactical chances and combat situations in which many timelines coincided and overlapped in real time. Yet, the game’s intricacy was evident and may have turned off some players.

Lemnis Gate reviews lauded the game’s hybridised turn-based combat, describing how it had all the makings of a real sleeper smash. Its promise, however, was never fulfilled, most likely because it never attained the critical mass required for a smaller-scale multiplayer FPS to survive.

Most gamers should give Lemnis Gate a go if they have the opportunity and want, but it’s worth noting that console players will still be able to enjoy local multiplayer and training modes until July 11. On PC, though, users will be unable to even access the game’s menu, which is unfortunate.