Lego 2K Drive: Build Your Dream Race Car, Brick by Brick

Lego 2K Drive: Build Your Dream Race Car, Brick by Brick

Lego 2K Drive, the latest offering from Visual Concepts, marks the developer’s venture into the world of Lego games. While it may not reach the same heights of humor and wit as TT’s iconic Lego titles, this arcade racer delivers a unique blend of Forza Horizon 5 and Mario Kart elements. The game introduces exciting transformations as vehicles adapt to different terrains and provides an open world for exploration, accompanied by thrilling races. However, certain aspects, such as frustrating AI and reliance on microtransactions, prevent it from fully realizing its potential.

Gameplay and Features:

Lego 2K Drive captures the essence of arcade racing with its dynamic open areas and ever-changing terrain. The joy of witnessing your sports coupe transform into an off-road buggy or a speedboat made of Lego bricks is a satisfying experience. Zooming through the open world and smashing breakable objects for health restoration and boost meter increase adds an extra layer of excitement.



Visual Concepts has tuned the races to be thrilling and competitive, but the game reveals its flaws in rubberbanding mechanics. Opponents consistently catch up or overtake, eliminating the possibility of building a significant lead. While the Mario Kart-style powerups add variety, they can also work against the player, hindering progress and causing frustration. Additionally, the absence of a quick restart option after unsuccessful races can be inconvenient, requiring players to return to the open world before retrying.

Abundance of Content and Vehicle Builder:

Beyond the campaign, Lego 2K Drive offers a wealth of content, providing players with numerous challenges, side missions, and collectibles to discover. Engaging in activities like protecting towers from alien robots or aiding townsfolk against skeleton attackers offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences. The highlight for many players lies in the vehicle builder, where virtual Lego bricks allow for the creation of customized vehicles, including replicas of unlocked pre-made cars or real-life Lego models.

Microtransactions and Progression:

While the game offers the opportunity to earn in-game currency, the progression system nudges players towards microtransactions for quicker access to pre-made cars and additional bricks. Unlocking vehicles through gameplay alone can be time-consuming, potentially leading to frustration for those seeking a broader selection of cars and drivers. Balancing the pacing of progression and microtransactions will be crucial for Visual Concepts to enhance the overall experience.

Lego 2K Drive presents an enjoyable and engaging arcade racing experience, blending elements from popular racing franchises with the creative possibilities of Lego. While flaws such as frustrating AI and reliance on microtransactions hinder its full potential, the game’s unique transformations and exploration elements captivate players. With future updates and refinements, Visual Concepts has the opportunity to address the game’s shortcomings and elevate it to a truly remarkable racing experience. In the meantime, players can immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Lego 2K Drive and unleash their creativity through the vehicle builder feature.

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