League of Legends Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Coca-Cola's New Flavor

League of Legends Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Coca-Cola’s New Flavor

Coca-Cola has joined forces with Riot Games, the creators of the popular MOBA game League of Legends, to introduce a new flavor inspired by the gaming phenomenon. The drink, named Coca-Cola Ultimate, is set to launch globally today, June 7, in select stores. The initial release will cover the United States and Canada, with availability until July 18.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the history of Coca-Cola, as it is the first time the renowned soda brand has partnered with an established gaming entity for a cross-promotion. Coca-Cola Ultimate offers players an exciting in-game experience, including XP bonuses, exclusive emotes, and additional missions. However, what truly piques curiosity is the flavor itself, which the press statement describes as “unlocking the taste of +XP for players.” Unfortunately, no specific details about the flavor profile have been provided, leaving it open to speculation.