Apple Maps

Apple Maps Catches Up to Google Maps with Offline Navigation in iOS 17

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update has been confirmed to bring a long-awaited feature to Apple Maps that has been available on Google Maps for years. Offline functionality will be introduced in Apple Maps for the first time, allowing users to download specific areas on their devices with a simple tap. While offline, users will have access to turn-by-turn navigation for driving, walking, transit, and cycling, along with estimated time of arrival and the ability to find places within Maps.

The addition of offline functionality in Apple Maps addresses a common frustration among users – the loss of connection or reliance on cellular data while navigating. By downloading directions and information ahead of time, users can have a seamless and uninterrupted navigation experience, regardless of their internet connection.

Another notable feature coming to iOS 17 is the real-time availability of electric vehicle charging stations in Maps. Apple’s app will provide filters for charging network and plug type, allowing users with compatible vehicles to select their preferred charging options.