Klaxoon Review

Klaxoon Review

When the world entered the deadly pandemic, one of the first things that came to a grinding halt was productivity and work all over the world. Offices were forced to close their doors and the transition to work from home began slowly but steadily. Over time, many solutions were presented to employees to get their work done in time and while some of them worked wonders, there was still a big requirement for a solution that offered all the necessary productivity features in one package and there is where Klaxoon comes in.

Klaxoon is a French company that was founded in 2015 and is a member of the French Tech 120. The company’s 300+ employees are spread across the globe, with headquarters in Rennes, France, and offices in Paris and Lyon, France, as well as Boston and Singapore.

Klaxoon received several awards, including four CES Innovation Awards and the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. Millions of people in over 120 countries use Klaxoon on a daily basis to help their teams thrive, from large global corporations to small businesses, universities, NGOs, and public authorities.

Klaxoon’s workshop platform enables teams to easily run productive workshops from any location and device. It includes an unrivaled set of features and services, such as an infinite whiteboard, chat and communication tools, information-sharing features, automated reports, and built-in videoconferencing, to effectively engage teams and get things done in hybrid environments. ?

Anyone can start a session, and participants can join from anywhere in the world. Any participant can share information from any source and display it on a whiteboard.

What we love about the Klaxoon platform is how interactive the sessions can be. Gone are the days when an online collaboration was led by one person and the others had to wait for their turn or raise their hands to get a platform. Klaxoon allows seamless collaboration where all the participants can contribute in real-time and it doesn’t matter where they are in the world. In this article, we are going to talk about the Klaxoon platform and its various features so that you can ultimately decide whether it suits your purpose.

Seamless Participation, no matter where you are

The Klaxoon platform comes with a huge suite of apps that allows you to conduct a multitude of activities within your team. While some of the collaborative platforms do not allow for app sharing on a global scale, Klaxoon allows people to share the app suite, no matter where they are and it allows anyone to host a variety of activities, no strings attached.

Take collaboration to the next level by allowing spectators to become active participants

The Challenge, Vote, Storm, and Meeting apps have been designed to enhance collaboration within the group. We used this with team members in different nations and the sheer fluidity and versatility that was on display made the whole experience wholesome and actually gave us the impression that all of us were in the same place during the session.

Further, you can use the Klaxoon Meeting app to embed existing slide decks or create new ones. Synchronize and share your screen with the rest of your team. Increase live participation by using polling, challenges, and word clouds. The content is shared in real-time, allowing everyone to react and see the group’s opinion.

Additional features such as a stopwatch, timer, and pausing can help you set the pace and manage your time more effectively. Get your meeting minutes with a single click and divide meeting time in half.

Go from Idea to Action in the blink of an eye

Set your team’s creativity free with the Brainstorm app. Share your thoughts, manage your team, and run projects. The possibilities for fostering teamwork are limitless.

It is simple to participate using your own device. Text, drawings, and images are instantly displayed on our digital whiteboard. Sort information quickly, collect ideas, add visual links, and zoom out for a bird’s-eye view. Filters, tags, dimensions, and favorites: Klaxoon’s smart sorting feature helps you organize your ideas more quickly.