How to easily check the IP address of your Android smartphone

How to easily check the IP address of your Android smartphone

Just like other WiFi-based devices, Android smartphones also have their own IP address. For those of you who don’t know, the IP address is the unique footprint of your Android device on the internet. Internet service providers can track usage data of your Android device through the IP address, but at the same time, your IP address in the wrong hands can be misused, which is why today, there are services that help you mask your IP when you are online.

Before we get into the guide itself, here is a little information on what an IP address actually is –

An IP address is an abbreviation for “Internet Protocol address.” The Internet Protocol is a set of rules that govern internet communication, such as sending email, streaming video, or connecting to a website. An IP address is a unique identifier for a network or device on the internet.

IP addresses are classified into two types: IPv4 and IPv6. When you count the numbers, you can easily tell the difference. IPv4 addresses are made up of four digits ranging from 0 (except for the first one) to 255, each separated by a period — for example,

IPv6 addresses are composed of eight groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons. An IPv6 address might look something like this: 2620:0aba2:0d01:2042:0100:8c4d:d370:72b4.