Finding the best and most relevant activities for your child can be a time-consuming process. We often sit at our computers or stare at our phones for hours trying to filter through all of the irrelevant and unhelpful information on the web. But strangely, while there are food delivery or car ride-hailing apps and online shopping portals galore, there is a huge void when it comes to providing that same level of choice and convenience around children’s development programs.

In fact, 60% of parents surveyed in the UAE and wider Middle East region are willing to pay a premium on services that allow for convenience.  That’s why Kiddo’s core focus is empowering parents to make smarter choices for their children’s development that does not compromise on quality, convenience or efficiency. Being first of its kind, this visionary digital community app fills the void in the market.

In the UAE alone there are 1.9 million mobile users with an annual growth rate of 1.2%. The MENA region accounts for 10% of global mobile app traffic and revenue generation. This shows a massive appetite for such technologies and mobile apps, with convenience apps coming in at the top of the list with the likes of Zomato, Dubai Now and Careem all designed to make people’s lives easier.

Kiddo is here to change the landscape, designed to host every busy parent’s demands, ensuring their children’s interests are always a priority. Ranging from skill development, mental stimulation, physical activities, arts & crafts, and fun & play, you will have the convenience of scrolling through a handpicked list of only the best service providers.

Setting itself apart from other apps, Kiddo’s focus is education, convenience, credibility, and community. With 46% of millennial mums trusting the recommendations of other parents*, Kiddo enables testimonies and suggestions to be easily shared by trusted friends and family throughout the app. 

Kiddo also enables parents to make a direct payment to any registered service providers or respond to payment requests, through KiddoPay. KiddoPay has been designed keeping in mind the hassle parents have to go through today for making all sorts of payments for their child be it camping fees, school trip fees, tuition fees, class fees, nursery fees, etc.

Don’t worry, Kiddo has been developed with the ‘non-techies’ in mind; the super simple and clear design enables you to navigate your way around the app with no problems. This digital community is going to change the everyday life of parents with children ranging from new-born – 22 years old.

Kiddo is looking to make a difference in our community and to parents and children in urban centers around the globe. There are about 1 million children at school age in the UAE, globally the number stands at over 1.3 billion. Kiddo’s purpose is to ensure every child gets the right development and learning opportunity.

Kiddo was officially launched on 25th November 2019, in the presence of more than 140 influencers, bloggers, media, service providers and parents. At the time of launch, Kiddo had more than 1000 buyable offers from 163 of its registered service providers across the country. Kiddo is available for download on both IOS and Android.