Kia's logo is the "KN Car" people search

Kia’s logo is the “KN Car” people search

Last year, the Kia brand made a significant leap into the twenty-first century by unveiling a modernized logo. In this transformation, the traditional circular emblem was replaced with a fresh, contemporary design. However, a singular issue persists: it’s proven challenging for individuals to decipher this new emblem while in a car.

According to search engine trend statistics, almost 30,000 people in the United States are actively attempting to figure out what the KN car is…every single month.

This intriguing data was initially brought to light by Ashwinn Krishnaswamy on Twitter. Ashwinn highlighted a noticeable surge in searches for “KN car brand” on ahrefs around March 2021, coinciding with the public unveiling of a new logo. Notably, this timeframe also aligned with the release of the rebranded Kia Stinger, which featured the new emblem. As a result, individuals began encountering Kias adorned with the fresh insignia, often unaware of the rebranding behind the KN car brand.