Ken Block's first electric Gymkhana includes an exclusive Audi EV

Ken Block’s first electric Gymkhana includes an exclusive Audi EV

Ken Block has published his first Gymkhana film including an electric car, as promised, and this time, the vehicle is almost as crucial as the hooning. Block drives around Las Vegas sites in a one-of-a-kind Audi S1 Hoonitron in “Electrikhana.” It is inspired by the well-known Sport Quattro S1 and has a dual-motor system (with an 800V architecture), a carbon fiber casing, and FIA-grade safety systems. Consider it a more powerful version of the E-Tron GT. Audi is tight-lipped about specific performance stats, but it’s safe to assume they’re good enough for donuts in hotel lobbies and boxing rings.

The reduced center of gravity inherent in EVs has had little effect on handling since Block has no trouble navigating in certain tight spots. What’s most noteworthy is what you don’t hear – the transition to an EV means the noises are primarily restricted to tyre squeal and the weird motor whine of the S1 Hoonitron.



The film is a not-so-subtle advertisement for Audi’s portfolio and racing pedigree, and you won’t be able to replicate similar exploits off the track. However, it is a watershed moment in the popular acceptance of EVs. Whereas electric cars were once identified mostly with environmentally conscientious drivers, they are swiftly becoming the vehicles of choice for performance-minded enthusiasts due to their immediate torque and supercar-beating low-end acceleration. Block’s Electrikhana demonstrates that EVs may also be used for twists and turns.

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