Snapchat's 'Director Mode' editing capabilities are now available for usage

Snapchat’s ‘Director Mode’ editing capabilities are now available for usage

Snap’s long-awaited video editing suite is now available after several months of waiting. “Director Mode” is now available to all Snapchat users on both Android and iOS. The functionality, which was first revealed in April, allows producers to polish their Snaps with virtual green screens, camera speed tweaks, and easy editing for numerous clips.

Within this mode, you may also employ the BeReal-style Dual Camera capability, which is presently exclusive to iOS users. In the next weeks, Android users will have “limited” access to the two-camera recording. The normal Snapchat cam also supports Dual Cameras.

Influencers who wish to create videos for Spotlight, Snapchat’s home for TikTok-style short videos, will find Director Mode beneficial. It may be especially useful for verified users (dubbed Snap Stars in the firm) who want more of the polish they apply to all of their online output.

Snap isn’t alone in its pursuit of TikTok and other comparable competitors. Instagram has been testing a Candid Challenges feature that looks similar to BeReal, and it’s no secret that social media titans have frequently borrowed parts from one other in order to stay competitive — to the point where they’ve occasionally had to backtrack after replicating designs too closely. Whether you like it or not, social networks are blending to the point where differences are just minor.

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