When Microsoft announced Windows 10, it came like any other update announcement, only this time, you didn’t have to buy Windows 10 on a disk or online, it was to be a free upgrade.

Over the years, Microsoft saw a gradual rise in the adoption rate of Windows 10, but it was still nowhere near the required number the most people had heir reservations and stuck to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Some of the users were not aware that Windows 10 was actually a free upgrade.

On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft announced that in order to receive all the new security features and support, users will now have to upgrade to Windows 10, again, for free. Now, if you are still running on an older version of Windows, or you are about to purchase your first Windows 10 device, we are sure you are thinking – “Is Windows 10 any good?”

Here are some highlights that will give you a better idea.

Number 1. Speed

One of the major aspects of Windows 10, something that even Microsoft highlighted, is the speed. The OS has been overhauled completely, making it a mix of the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Unnecessary fluff has been eliminated and most of the aspects of the OS including navigation have been turned up to eleven.

The boot time is faster and there are cases where Windows 10 devices have completed the boot procedure faster than Mac devices. Now that is something seriously fast.

Graphics performance has been optimized and now, the whole experience feels a lot more immersive and fluid than anything Microsoft has done before.

Number 2. The Start Menu

When Microsoft replaced the Start Menu with the Start screen in Windows 8, there was a universal uproar. The tiles were definitely an acquired taste, and now, you really had to make an effort while looking for the applications they wanted to open.


Is Windows 10 any good


Well, Microsoft heard the cries of help and brought back the beloved Start Menu in Windows 10. Yes, they do have a tile-based layout for some f the aspects of the new Start Menu, but the essentials are still there. Applications on your WIndows 10 are arranged in the much known alphabetical order and by doing this, Microsoft has really brought order to the chaos.

Number 3. Cortana

We got a taste of Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana, in Windows 8, but in Windows 10, the assistant is back and this time, in a much-refined avatar.

You can now request Cortana to do things like taking notes, play music, browse the internet, or even open local folders on your Windows 10 PC.

Cortana learns as time goes and with each new piece of data, the assistant gets smarter.

Number 4. Touch

Windows 10 supports touch input, which means. 2-in-1 laptops or 360-degree laptops will now be able to offer seamless touch features.

This feature was there in Windows 8 as well, but the bugs were innumerable and it was nowhere near a finished product.

The touch support in Windows 10 is beautiful, refined, and ready for the market.

Number 5. Xbox integration

Windows PCs have been used for gaming since the beginning. Actually, it is one area where it surpasses MAcs as a whole, as the latter are not known for their gaming prowess.


Is Windows 10 any good


Microsoft has integrated many Xbox features into Windows 10, including the game bar, that allows you to seamlessly stream your gaming content to your channel directly from the Windows PC.

Ou can also connect your Xbox controller to the PC and play the games on a console-level as well.

All in all, Windows 10 is a careful yet working amalgamation of the best of Windows 7, 8.1m wit the added benefits of Cortana, Edge, and Xbox features. We highly recommend that you go ahead with the upgrade or purchase of a Windows 10 device.

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