Indie Game Fest Day of the Devs Shifts Gears, Emerges as a Standalone Non-Profit

Indie Game Fest Day of the Devs Shifts Gears, Emerges as a Standalone Non-Profit

Indie game fans have Day of the Devs events to thank for spotlighting emerging underground talent during major showcases like Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards. Now the indie-centric organization is striking out on its own as an independent non-profit, free from corporate oversight.

Originally formed in 2012 as a collaboration between creative agency iam8bit and Double Fine studios, Day of the Devs was acquired by Microsoft along with the latter in 2019. The restructuring severs formal ties with Microsoft to allow greater creative freedom and accessibility.

Operating on a non-profit model through fiscal sponsorship opens up new funding streams as well. Supporters can contribute directly to cover operating costs like venues, equipment, video production and staffing. Donations even qualify as tax write-offs.

Fans who chip in will receive Game Fest and Game Awards perks like free game keys, VIP event tickets, and physical goods. Meanwhile, developers can still have their games promoted at no charge during live showcases.

Keeping things free for attendees and creators perfectly fits Day of the Devs’ mission to uplift indie talent year-round. Coming up first is an in-person March 17th event in San Francisco, with digital showcases planned around major summer and year-end gaming livestreams.

While no longer attached to Microsoft, the heart of connecting players with emerging and underground projects remains. And with independent non-profit status unlocking more resources, the future looks bright for Day of the Devs elevating undiscovered developers.