Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One will be shutting down

It’s always hard when a bold dream ends abruptly. That’s the somber reality facing Hyperloop One today as they officially shut their doors after 8 years trying to make hyperloop travel a reality.

You can’t fault the passion and vision that launched them back in 2014. Inspired by Elon’s sci-fi-esque ideas, this team set out to build something straight out of the future – zooming people and cargo in floating pods through low-pressure tubes at airplane speeds.

Early on, it felt like nothing could stop them. Just imagine the possibilities – like whisking goods across Europe and Asia in mere hours! Hitching their star to the Virgin brand in 2017 added to the hype and hope.

But eventually the harsh obstacles of finance and engineering took their toll. Like a relationship gone cold, the cracks began to show as passenger plans were ditched and layoffs hit hard. By the end, even a cargo-only pivot couldn’t stop the dream from derailing.

As the plug gets pulled, saying goodbye still stings for true believers. But the story isn’t over. Somewhere out there, a kid is being inspired by the ambitious spirit of Hyperloop One. And one day, maybe hyperloops will transform travel, making the world feel a little smaller.