Huawei Nova 9 SE Review

Huawei Nova 9 SE Review

Unfortunately, video capture capability on both the front and back cameras is just passable for social media use and is clearly subpar at best. The huge 108MP camera allows enables some AI-based stabilization, but this is obviously not the phone’s strong suit, which is largely taking fantastic still pictures.

It’s a bit of a painful spot because there isn’t any extendable storage, so you’ll have to keep your house in order and offload your photographs later on.

The Huawei Nova 9 SE is undoubtedly one of the cheapest cameras on the market with a 108MP AI quad-camera array if your primary concern is taking high-quality images at the lowest feasible cost and treating video capture as an afterthought.


For its low pricing, the Huawei Nova 9 SE boasts a distinctive combination of advantages. For the price of USD 569, you get a huge display, a back camera with excellent photographic skills, and long battery life. However, these benefits are offset by the absence of Google Mobile services, average video recording abilities, and lack of 5G connection.

The Huawei nova 9 SE has a lot to offer and is well worth a look for anyone who isn’t entirely committed to the Google ecosystem and is searching for a cheap smartphone setup with a decent camera that comes with a charger and cover.