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How to Play the Google Snake Game in 2024

The Google snake game is a blast from the past bringing that addictive childhood game right to the Google search page. With your trusty arrow keys, guide an ever growing snake towards digital pellets, gobbling them up while avoiding all walls and self-collisions. It takes quick wits and split second reflexes as the famous slider challenges you to beat your max length through hundreds of levels.

This guide has pro power-up tips to conquer the classic Google Doodle revival of Snake. We’ll cover the controls, scoring, strategies, as well as the history behind this legendary title and its modern web-browser return. Have your fingers on the arrow keys and let’s slither in!


Snake game on Google


Game Overview

The Snake game on Google is based on the original 1970s-80s cell phone game legend. Players start with a short snake completing laps around the screen. As you eat the white dots, your snake grows longer. The game ends if your snake:

  • Runs into itself
  • Hits the wall
  • Hits the edge of the browser

To advance to the next level, fulfill the required number of dots eaten shown in the corner. Play continues as the length target increases and map obstacles like walls appear.


How to Play the Google Snake Game in 2024



Score points for multiple actions in Snake:

Eat a dot – 1 point

Eat an object – Shown on package

Eat burgers, donuts, or cupcakes randomly placed for big scores! But watch out, eating spicy peppers shrinks your progress.

Complete a level – 50 points per level completed

As you grind out levels, your score rises from the points per dot eaten and level bonuses. Beat your personal best to climb the Snake scoreboards!

How to Play the Snake Game

Snake gameplay is all about economy of motion and strategic choices. Maneuver your snake using just the arrow or WASD keys:

Key Action
Left/A Turn left
Right/D Turn right
Up/W Turn up
Down/S Turn down
Spacebar Toggle pause mode

Get the hang of the tap-tap-tap rhythm slowly lengthening your snake along the playfield border. Gobble all the dots until the level progress bar completes. Avoid crashing into the walls or your own body!

Movement Strategy

  • Stick to the edges – Safest area with lower risk
  • Clear the middle last – Open areas expose you
  • Approach dots head on – Smoother to slip away after
  • Don’t get cornered – Limits escape options

Practice clean lines and precise turning. Oversteering causes lethal pileups!

Powering Up with Bonuses

Random bonus items pop up during gameplay with useful boost effects:

Item Effect
<img src=”burger.png” width=”50″> Temp snake speed increase
<img src=”donut.png” width=”50″> Grow snake +50 in length
<img src=”cupcake.png” width=”50″> All dots turn purple worth double points
<img src=”pepper.png” width=”50″> Temporarily shrinks snake – avoid!

Time running over bonuses as they vanish fast! The cupcakes particularly fuse risk and reward – double points but covering more map exposing your lengthy snake.

Planning paths** strategically utilizing bonuses** separates the Snake champs from the rest!

The History of Snake

Before we had apps, games came built into phones and computers. The earliest known Snake game first appeared in 1976 on the BLOCKADE system. Through the 70s-80s these “snake games” exploded in popularity preloaded on Nokia phones.

When cell phone versions took off in 1997, Snake became a full-on worldwide mobile gaming craze. It gained nicknames like “Snake 97” and “Nokia’s Snake” as one of the earliest widespread mobile “viral apps.”

Over 100 million copies of Snake were in circulation on Nokia phones alone by 2003. Through simplistic design yet endlessly compelling gameplay, Snake slithered its way into mobile history.

Snake Revolution for Chrome!

In 2013 for April Fool’s Day, Google embedded Snake directly into Google Maps. Anyone could transform Google Maps into a playable Snake game!

The version was so well liked that Snake was added as an Easter Egg inside regular Google searches. Typing in and pressing:

Left Right Left Right Up Down Up Down

…would trigger Snake in a browser window!

In 2016 brought Snake multiplayer mayhem to mobile gaming. Then in 2019, let you play a Unity 3D version on web browsers!

Google wanted to develop its own official single player revival. On Snake’s 44th anniversary, they launched it embedded right in the Google search homepage as a surprise Doodle.

Now Snake enjoyed its full renaissance, playable instantly for anyone right within Google search!

Final Tips to Up Your Google Snake Skills

Master Snake’s virtual pet to be best in class through all week-long revivals using these pro tips:

  • Learn the spawns – Objects pop in fixed locations
  • Stay calm amidst chaos – No rushed steering!
  • Quit at strategic times – Avoid death-spirals
  • Analyze your errors – Better luck next life!

With practice, you’ll develop muscle memory for key snake patterns. Consistency, cool nerves, and mental stamina separates expert sneks from the rest!

Bring that childhood nostalgia storming back by breaking your Google Snake PB. Let this guide help unleash your inner scale-covered nature training a slithering pixel beast towards digital greatness!

Key Takeaways

  • Google Snake is a noughties remake of the iconic cell phone game
  • Use arrow or WASD keys to control movement
  • Eat bonus items for powerful effects
  • Master movement patterns and strategic positioning
  • Snake dates back to the earliest phone games in 1976

Start small, stay nimble, grow in length, think smart, move exact, and see your name climb those Snake score ladders!