Finding an experienced and professional software development team may be a challenge. Although IT experts are in demand, it is really hard to find talented experts that are ready to turn your idea into reality. Statistically, more than a million new recruits are required into the software development workforce by 2023. That’s why more and more programmers are needed!

However, you shouldn’t turn it into a significant problem. In this post, we’ll review the basic methods that will help you find professional partners through offshoring and outsourcing. If it is still a problem for you, please, bookmark this page because these tips on how to find a Java development firm might come in useful!

Ask Your Colleagues for a Referral

The first thing that you need to do is to ask your colleagues to recommend a professional dev team. It goes without saying that building a team of professionals is the question of major concern for entrepreneurs today. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to ask your colleagues for help. Such real testimonials will help you find a team that will surely meet your requirements.

Visit Local Tech Events

If you live in a metropolis, in all likelihood there are lots of important tech events in your city. Visiting such events is one of the most effective ways to find tech talents. Remember that networking is a superb chance to find professional developers that will be interested in the development of your software product.

Ask Google for Help

Though Google always knows what you need and offers superb solutions even before you start browsing the web, it’s the best place to look for a remote team. But to avoid wasting time, you need to be more specific. Narrow down your search by using more specific keywords such as “hire development team USA” or “software development services the UK”, etc.

Go to Online Hiring Platforms

If you are on a budget and want to use the services of freelancers, you can find them in freelance workplaces. It’s the most cost-efficient solution for those that want to find an expert urgently but lack in-house specialists. In this case, you may go to Upwork, YouTeam, Toptal, or any other platform. You can read testimonials and check the reputation of experts before hiring them.

Open Source Coding Platforms

If the above-mentioned websites don’t meet your requirements, you may go to platforms like GitHub – the best place where you can see the code samples of professional programmers, check out their open-source projects, and their ratings. You should also check their activity on GitHub and see what projects they have already completed. Simply put, here you can find a group of professional developers that have decent experience in this niche and are ready to help you.

Technology Blogs

Sometimes, programmers have their own personal blogs where they share their experiences in this niche. Moreover, such professional blogs are a good tool for attracting new customers. Besides, a blog allows you to learn more about the professionalism of this person and experience in this area. You’ll be able to analyze the communication, problem-solving, and technical skills of the candidate.

Go to Higher Educational Establishments

Sometimes, you can find professionals among students. Moreover, recent graduates don’t require too high salaries. You may contact tech universities and ask them to recommend the best and most talented students. Yes, they don’t have working experience, but they may be passionate about coding. Sometimes, universities hold hackathons where you can find the most talented academicians.

Pay Attention to the Company Location

Remember that your future development team must not be based in your city. We live in the 21st century and can work remotely. You can always hire an offshore dev team that may be based in Europe or Asia. This will give you lots of benefits and one of them is the lower costs of software development. If you are interested in this solution, you should learn more about the most popular offshore destinations and finally choose the one that suits your requirements.

The tech talent pool is wide today. That’s why it is still difficult to hire a professional team that complies with your demands. But following all these pieces of advice, you’ll surely find a dev team that will help turn your ideas into reality.

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