Apple has been at the forefront in terms of innovation, during these dire times of the pandemic. Not only have they launched an exciting family of products, but they also have introduced some much-needed features, that will surely go a long way in helping us flatten the curve.

The main feature is probably the contact tracing or exposure notifications feature that has been added to all Apple and Android devices, thanks to the collaboration between Apple and Google to develop it as a team. However, this is something that works in the background, and comes into play rarely and if you enable it on your device. Most people didn’t even know this feature existed until recently, when both the companies announced it to the public.

Another feature is ‘Handwashing Mode’ for the Apple watch. The virus has shown us the importance of keeping our hands clean periodically, and Apple wants its users to be responsible during these times, and make sure they wash their hands periodically, for 20 seconds each time.

The way they have done this is simply brilliant. The Apple Watch, thanks to the new WatchOS update, now listens for the sound of flowing water and soap, and once detected, it starts an automated timer for 20 seconds. This reminds users to wash their hands for the stipulated time. If the user stops before the countdown ends, the Apple watch reminds him/her to keep going. Once the task is successfully completed, the Watch plays a reassuring tune and a small animation.

The Handwashing feature is completely voluntary on the Apple watch, and this is how you can enable it.

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Step 1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.


How to turn on Handwashing mode on the Apple Watch


Step 2. Scroll down the list and tap on the ‘Handwashing‘ option.


How to turn on Handwashing mode on the Apple Watch


Step 3. Toggle ‘ON‘ the Handwashing timer option and make sure that notifications are allowed for this feature.


How to turn on Handwashing mode on the Apple Watch


Now, put on your Apple Watch and head to a nearby washbasin or tap and start watching your hands. The timer should get triggered automatically. We highly recommend enabling this feature on your Apple watch, especially in these times, when staying safe and clean is of utmost importance, and we can take any assistance we can get.