Recently, Apple released its new mobile OS, iOS14, to the public. The new platform features a design overhaul, app stacks, widget support, and some minor adjustments that take the iOS experience to a whole new level.

One of the more standout features of iOS 14 is the new Translate app. Until now, Apple users had to rely on third-party translation apps, more prominently, Google Translate, to get their job done, but it looks like Apple took their time to make a very refined and user-friendly version of a translation app, that is not just sleek and fluid, but also secure.

The translations you perform on the Apple translate app are encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties. Moreover, you can even download certain language packs onto your iOS 14 device for offline translations.

The idea behind this translate app is to allow users to have an easy time abroad, where their native language is not spoken. To make things more clear, Apple has introduced a new conversation mode within the Translate app. To enter this mode, just rotate your iPhone to landscape mode, and you will see two windows – one with your native language, where you can speak a phrase, and the other window shows the translation, that you can play to the other person, or even show them, in order to get your point across.

However, if the person in question is at a distance, and you still want to show him/her the conversation mode window, there is a neat feature that allows you to achieve the same.

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to display a translation on iOS 14.

Step 1. Open the ‘Translate‘ app on your iPhone.


How to display a translation on iOS 14


Step 2. Set the language options for the native and translation windows.


How to display a translation on iOS 14


Step 3. Flip the phone to landscape mode to enter conversation mode.


How to display a translation on iOS 14


Step 4. Perform a translation operation.


How to display a translation on iOS 14


Step 5. Tap on the ‘Zoom‘ button, and the translation will be displayed across the whole screen.


How to display a translation on iOS 14


This makes it easier to see the translation even at a distance, and you can easily get your point across. We feel that in these times, where social distancing is a new normal, this zoom-in feature will come in handy.

The Translate app is available as a default on iOS 14.