One of the most up and coming segments of technology is Auto Tech. With cars now moving towards a more digital platform, brands like Google and Apple have caught the wave and introduced their versions of an in-car OS. This OS runs all the digital tasks that you perform in your car, like playing the music, calling your friends or family, navigating to a particular destination, or just looking up the nearby coffee shop. The best part though is that these new Operating systems are derivatives of the popular mobile OS. In the case of Android, their version of the Auto Operating System is called Android Auto’.

Now, if you have a vehicle that is compatible with Android Auto, the setup procedure is very very simple.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect to Android Auto.

Step 1. First, ensure your car is turned on and in Parking mode.


How to connect to Android Auto


Step 2. Connect a USB cable to the media system in your car and attach the other end to your smartphone.


Step 3. Download and Install the Android Auto app on your smartphone.


How to connect to Android Auto


Step 4. Open the Android Auto app on the smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions.


Step 5. Wait for the wireless setup to finish.


How to connect to Android Auto


Step 6. Tap on the Android Auto logo on the in-car display to fire up the system.

Android Auto will now help you conquer your tasks with just the press of a button.