How to connect a bluetooth device to the iPhone

How to connect a bluetooth device to the iPhone

When it comes to connectivity between devices, the gold standard is obviously, Bluetooth. iPhones have been making great use of Bluetooth connectivity, to maintain this seamless bridge between all their devices, but that’s not all, as iPhones are also capable of connecting to third-party accessories as well, via Bluetooth.

Apple has been very careful about their third-party partners, and that has led to a great curated collection of Bluetooth accessories, that allow you to make the most of your iPhone device.

When you buy a new Bluetooth accessory for the iPhone, be it an Apple-branded one or even a third-party one, the first thing you will want to do, is charge it, and then connect it to your iPhone.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect a Bluetooth device to the iPhone.

Open the ‘Settings‘ app on the iPhone.