The Telegram Messenger was made with security as the primary objective. Messengers today are easily exposed to any frailties and while Telegram has also shared in a bit of stick in the past, the developers have come back stronger and with better fail-safe techniques.


How secure is Telegram Messenger


In this article, we will discuss a few points and try to justify how secure Telegram actually is. Let’s get started –

Point 1. Telegram is built on the MTProto  Protocol, making it a lot more secure than the usual mass-market messengers like Whatsapp and Line. The time tested algorithms that form the backbone fo the TElegram messenger also ensure. reliability in low connectivity situations.

Point 2. For the extra paranoid users, Telegram offers a ‘secret chat’ mode which offers complete end to end encryption. This means that Telegram will have no access to the contents shared and discussed in those chats.

Point 3. Telegram supports two layers of encryption. We have server-client encryption that works in the cloud chats. Secret chat mode uses another layer of encryption known as the client-client encryption. No matter what it may be, every piece of data flowing through the telegram is encrypted.


How secure is Telegram Messenger


Point 4. For people who are coding enthusiasts and want to take a closer look at how secure the Telegram Messenger is, you will love to know that the complete source code to Telegram is open-source and accessible to all.

Point 5. When it. comes to companies claiming that their product is secure, there are those who claim that they can expose this claim. Telegram has a scheme where anyone who can expose frailties in the Telegram platform gets a reward. This helps Telegram identify faults that they may have overlooked and made the build all the more secure.

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Point 6. Telegram ensures that data transfer and communications that occur on the platform, cannot be deciphered by any person or utility from a third party. The transfer also cannot be intercepted by your internet service provider.

Point 7. Like most messenger platforms today, Telegram supports 2-step verification which sends an OTP to your mobile number while logging in. This ensures that it is definitely you who is logging into your account.

All these points do go a certain distance in proving the level of security that telegram offers, but we must still be vigilant while using anything on the digital platform.