It’s Time to Choose Your Hero, Form Your Team & Fight for Glory

The wait is over as players across the UAE can now join the more than 100 million daily active users already experiencing Honor of Kings, the world’s most popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

How did Honor of Kings garner and maintain such a loyal following?

According to Chief Game Designer, Huang Di, it is by following three key principles:

  • Ensuring anyone, regardless of their device, can enjoy the game by keeping the initial download as small as possible, while also offering cutting edge graphics and frame rate.
  • Providing a level playing field, with success being a result of a player’s efforts, not their ability to spend.
  • Delivering a steady stream of new Heroes and skins from global and regional brand partnerships to bolster the roster.

To hear more from other members of the team behind Honor of Kings, be sure to check out this welcome video.

Honor of Kings offers a wealth of content at launch, with even more coming in months to come:

  • 72 Heroes – all of whom can be trialled for free during the first month of launch
  • Global partnerships – check out Heroes and Skins inspired by brands such as SNK and Hello Kitty
  • Multiple game modes – 5v5 in both Standard & Ranked, Mini Gorge, 1v1, Infinite Brawl
  • Training – learn new skills or hone existing ones
  • In-game events – participate in various tasks and activities to earn Heroes, Skins, and more

“Today marks the latest step on the road to Honor of Kings’ full global launch,” commented Jackie Huang, the game’s Executive Producer. “I wish all of you joining the Honor of Kings’ community a very warm welcome.”

To see more of what’s in store for players, please take a look at the launch trailer.

Honor of Kings is free to download and play here:

Honor of Kings – Apple App Store

Honor of Kings – Google Play Store

Honor of Kings esports news –

In recognition of its global standing in esports, Honor of Kings will participate in this August’s Esports World Cup with its Midseason Invitational. The top teams will guarantee slots at the Invitational Championship taking place later this year.

To learn more about the EWC please visit esportsworldcup.com