5 Things to Do After You Beat Pokémon FireRed

5 Things to Do After You Beat Pokémon FireRed

Becoming the Pokemon Master is not the end!!

You did it! You became the Pokémon League Champion in Pokémon FireRed. Now what? Don’t put down your Game Boy Advance just yet – here are 5 fun activities to try out after completing this classic Pokémon adventure.

1. Complete Your Pokédex


5 Things to Do After You Beat Pokémon FireRed


Just because you finished the main story doesn’t mean your Pokédex is full! Go back and catch any missing Pokémon to fully complete your in-game encyclopedia. Some tips:

  • Trade with friends to get version exclusives
  • Revisit old areas at different times to catch Pokémon that only appear under certain conditions
  • Use special evolution items like the Leaf Stone to acquire evolved forms

Completing the Pokédex is a major accomplishment, plus it’s fun to catch ’em all!


2. Level Up Your Team


pokemon firered


Now’s the time to show your Hall of Fame team some love!

  • Grind through the Elite Four for big EXP gains
  • Teach them new TM moves to beef up their arsenals
  • Max out all their stats through vitamins & training

With a few hours of grinding, you can transform your story-beating squad into certified legendaries.


3. Challenge the Battle Tower


5 Things to Do After You Beat Pokémon FireRed


Put your leveled-up team to the ultimate test against the Battle Tower’s tough Trainers! This facility lets you face challenging single & double battles against powerful pre-built teams.

Climb to the top for bragging rights, rare prizes, and the thrill of intense Pokémon combat at its finest. Just be sure to save first!

4. Find Rare Hidden Areas

Even after rolling credits, FireRed hides awesome unseen zones. Legendary islands, battle arenas, and mythic caverns await those who explore thoroughly.

From Navel Rock to Cerulean Cave, discover what lies beyond the beaten path – look behind waterfalls, under trucks, even inside beds! The deeper you spelunk, the greater the reward.

5. Transfer to Later Generations

Thanks to Pal Park compatibility, you can send your cherished FireRed critters to later DS games after unlocking the National Pokédex.

Give your OG battle buddies a chance to adventure through Sinnoh, Unova or beyond! With effort, some could follow you all the way into Sword & Shield. Talk about longevity!

Now go – write the next exciting chapter in your Pokémon legacy. With these 5 postgame activities, FireRed won’t flame out anytime soon. So keep those mons leveling & Pokédexes filling, Trainer. Adventure awaits!